Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 6

~Approx 0830

So I am sitting here waiting at my local I.D card place to my flashy new brown military I.D. That will make it official. Not that its not official now, but it will really be in black and white for me, or should I say brown and white. I attempted to come here yesterday, but had my first public meltdown. I arrived about 8 min past closing (3 pm who knew??) And it was something I needed to get down asap. Hubby asked me to do this, and I felt like a failure I couldn't get it done right when he asked. I had both kids with me and Monkey was a bit cranky bc of her teeth, and Peanut was just not listening. She was running around when I told her to stay with me, we are on a military base gosh darn it!! But just as I suspected, she's acting out bc of hubby being gone. Its going to prove to be the toughest challenge yet. So there I am with all my required papers and have lugged in both girls and diaper bag, and the door is locked. I check the time and sure enough its 8 min past 3. Why me?? Why now?? I was upset about disappointing hubby, upset at the behavior of my oldest, upset at myself for not moving a little faster. It all hit me at once and I started crying in the lobby. Guess these emotions are getting away with me.

~Sometime hours later....

I am dog tired. We spent the day at the lake. I had a good time. It was nice to get out in the sun. Compared to the nasty cold wet New England weather we have been having, this was a blessing!!!! Unfortunately now I have a new worry... My tires! I just noticed while driving to the grocery store, a sound that sounded like a flat tire. So I pull over and check it out. Well it looks as if my front passenger tire is almost completely bald and needs air. And the front driver is slightly bald, but def not as bad as the passenger. Let's hope he gets paid soon and I can buy some new ones, if not this army wife will have some very bored little girls and empty cabinets.

I must confess... I am automobile challenged, BUT I wish I was a motor head!!! I love cars, to hear the engine roar under the hood, feel the power beneath my foot. Its just sooo nice!! But sadly I know pretty little about cars. I kinda know how to change the oil, I can pump gas, I can put air in my tires, thoroughly clean the inside. But I wish I could do more. Actually I have never changed a tire!! I have no clue how to!! So here it goes, I vow to learn how to change a tire before hubby comes back. Who's gonna hold me to it??

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  1. If you can make it here, I will teach you how to change a tire, and anything else you want to know!!!!