Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 22- Its been awhile!

Wow, so what's it been? Like a week? So that means hubby has been gone almost 3 weeks. I miss him dearly. Without the help of my wonderful family and friends, this wouldn't be as easy as it has been. Don't get my wrong, there have been many many tears and a few nights that I hate the Army, but all in all we have been doing ok. Hubby tells me now that very soon, we won't be able to chat or text until the day before his pass (about 3 weeks from now). We don't talk every day, in fact today consisted of ONE text message that said "cool" because of something I had told him about our American Legion. I am here visiting a friends house for the next couple days, she's a fellow army wife with a lil girl and baby on the way. Its nice to be able to talk to someone who knows exactly what I am going through. Although it makes me sad and a tid bit jealous, her hubby calls almost everyday, whereas mine is about every 3, and he talk for more then 2 minutes. I understand hubbys job is different, and there are other circumstances, but if no phone call, a text would be nice.

The girls have been doing well. Growing up, learning, and becoming a little more grown up each day. Peanut hasn't cried for daddy as much, but don't get me wrong, its still every other day. Monkey has 2 little teeth and I fear more are coming! She wants to walk super bad!! She pushes things across the floor and walks around like that, sooo cute!! Peanut is doing well, she gets her gortex water-proof cast in about 2 weeks. Thank God!!!

Well I am off to enjoy some grown up tv. Will get back in routine soon!!

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