Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 1

So I guess here is the beginning of the hardest year(s) of my life so far. Facing my husbands deployment with two daddy loving little girls. I am prepared physically, being sexually deprived for America's freedom is something I can definitely handle. We have the power of attorney and our wills all completed with the help of the lovely JAG office. I have my list of names and numbers in case of emergency. He's packed and all he needs is more socks that I will send off in a care package or he can buy at the FOB site. Whats that? Mentally prepared you ask?? Me?? NO WAY!! I thought I was. I truly thought I could sail through this with no problem. Stay strong and only cry in my pillow late at night while the girls are sleeping. But now that the time has come, I am starting to doubt myself. He left this morning to load up the stuff and do whatever it is they need to do. Technically this is day 1 of his orders. Day one of more than 365 days. Wow! 365 days... That's the first time I have really said it. Walking around the house today was a bit lonely. The good news is that he comes home tonight. We get to spend 3 more glorious nights together. And let's hope the sheets will stay on the bed ;-) Tuesday is their ceremony. Let's hope I can keep it together for that. A bunch of our family will be there so it will be nice to have the moral support. And good for him to see how much support he has this deployment. Last time he deployed, my best friend, my uncle (aka dad) and I were the only ones there to support him. I think that must have been hard on him (technically Peanut was there but she was a wee little embryo in my belly!). I hope he knows just how much he's loved and how many people will be praying for him. His going away bash was a hit yesterday! I am not sure just how many people showed up, but we raised $100 for the FRG and another $100 for care packages and shipping. Aside from almost running out of booze, and actually running out of plates and forks by the end of the night, we all had a blast and it ran smoothly. If you came and are reading this, thanks for coming!!

I must confess... I hate mother nature!!! I really don't like living in New England (snow and freezing temps are my mortal enemy!). The weather we have been having around here has been awful!!! We had wanted to do so many things in the weeks before he left, but due to mother natures cruelty, we didn't get to do them! Rain, rain, rain EVERYDAY!! And not only that but July 1 it was still only 60 degrees!!! And here I sit outside with Peanut, on his first day of deployment, and its sunny and warm with only a few wisps of clouds in the sky. Turns out much of the week will be like this, yay its warmer, BOO that is wasn't while he was home to enjoy it with us.

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