Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 5

Well here I am, awake, not dressed, my hair is a mess, I need a shower, I have mascara streaked down my face and I have no appetite. But the good news is the kids are fed and happy, Monkey went down for a nap ( 30 min so far can you believe it??!!) and Peanut has learned to pray to God for her daddy to be safe and come home soon. She does it like 10 times a day. It's so cute. Monkey started saying "dada" yesterday. I cant get over it. I am in love with it!! And she knows what dada is because shes looks at my phone (background is a pic of the 2 of us before her left) and says "dadadada". Breaks my little heart he wasn't here to hear it first. That's OK though, because I videoed it and sent it off to him. Hopefully he enjoyed it.

Not much on the agenda today. I need food in this house so I think I may venture out to the commissary to get some grub. I now have a mailing address for him, so also need to stop at the post office to get stamps, etc. Thanks to my lovely lady Sherry, yesterday was not so bad! She made us dinner and we took the kids out and let them release their energy. Tomorrow the girls and I will go to the lake with Sherry and my MIL and SILs. Its actually supposed to be nice weather, better then the 5 inches of rain we go on Tues!!! That rain was insane!! Yesterday we had hail and a tornado warning.... Ahh the joys of living in New England.

He called me a little while ago, and gave me a quick update of the dates for his pass, his address and such. It was nice to hear his voice. At the same time though, I don't want to get used to talking to him, because I know once he's in country, the phone calls will be few and far in between. I think the hardest time for me, is the night. After the kids are asleep and I am laying alone in my bed. That's when my mind wonders. I am hoping to start reading again, and maybe that will take my mind off things and I can fall asleep while reading. Keep my mind on a leash if I can. Well I suppose I must get my day going... it is almost noon!

I must confess: I love coupons! (Hubby on the other hand... does not!) Some people may or may not know this. I love to find a good deal to pay nothing or next to nothing for things. Since we have a very limited income coming in for the time being, I need to really stretch a buck. I learned everything from online blogs and websites. I will do a post in the upcoming days to teach you some of what I know. I love helping others save money too!!

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