Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 2

So he came home last night and pretty much blacked out. Between waking up early to report and staying up waaaaay too late sat night for his party (think 2am, he had to report at 7, its about 1 hour and 45 min drive and he still had to load the car... You do the math) he's had no sleep. Even tho today was an early start as well, I think he's well rested. I wonder what they are doing today. The girls and I have a pretty uneventful day planned. Going to attempt to tackle some chores while Monkey naps. Those who know me understand what a chore this is, because Monkey is a hardcore cat napper. She takes a 5 to 10 min nap every hour and a half or so. Not a long time in the world of housework. That's OK tho, its not like we are living in filth, just organized chaos.Its a beautiful day today. Let's hope he can get out and get home at a decent time today (no hour long backup on the Pike today hopefully!!) And maybe head out for some ice cream and mini golf?? But I would be just as happy cuddling in bed with some Luigi's Italian Ice and the new episode of Army Wives or Secret Life. I am planning on making Shepard's pie and peanut butter cookies for dinner. Those are a few of his favorite things.

A topic I know I will touch on a lot in this blog, is the behavior of my children. I have noticed today (and have noticed during hubby's AT and MOS school) that Peanut acts out... A LOT! Shes 4.5 years old and very much a daddy's girl. She listens to him oh so well, and me... not so much. She will be starting pre-school this fall, which I am VERY thankful for! She will get out some energy and it will help her learn and prepare for kindergarten. I am hoping we can all keep it together for our sanity, and my voice! Well I am off to set up the kiddie pool for the wee ones!

I must confess... I hate cleaning! I don't mind helping other people out with their homes, but when it comes to mine, forget it. I hate having to go down 2 flights of stairs to do laundry. And I feel as if as soon as I finish cleaning my living room, its messy again!! I know that's what having kids is all about, but I would so much rather spend time with them, then constantly be pushing a broom or wiping windows. So for now, as I said above, I live in a state of organized chaos, and I really don't mind. As long as my girls are happy, healthy, and fed, and hubby knows how much we love him, then my life is complete... for now ;-)

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