Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 8- & Day 9- Peanuts accident

Wow! What a doozy the past few days have been!! Only a few minutes after ending my last blog entry (Monkey eating the leaf) was when Peanuts accident occured. She was going down the slide and somehow fell off the side. She said "Mommy watch me!", and the next thing I kno I turn my head to look and shes on the ground. At first I'm like, OK she fell, shes prob fine. I say "Peanut are you ok??!!" and I rush to get up to her. She says "Mommy I hurt myself." And starts to cry a bit. As I get closer I see the damage. Shes broken her arm!!! All these emotions come flooding to me! I FREAK. I run in the house and scream for my dad, grab my diaper bag and keys and fly to my car. I frantically call hubby's mom (who gets to my house in a record two min flat!) and I call hubby and leave him a frantic voicemail. I am pretty much hyperventilating. I could barely breathe. Then I gain my composure and hubbys mom comes and gets me and Peanut and we rush off to the ER. Monkey stays home with my dad and my SIL. We get to the ER and go to check in, now MIL has been through this all before with my SIL a few times, she knows the routine and this def looked like a bad break!) I tell the guy my four year old has broken her arm, and he says "Oh, so she has arm pain." I'm like "NO! You can visably see its broken!" He's like " Have a seat and we will get to you". It took about 15 or more minutes for them to call her to be assessed and get our info. I was pissed. Shes 4 and shes in pain!! Soon enough they called us into xray and then into a room. We get the reults back, and yes, its a very bad break. Thankfully not near the growth plate. BUT unfortunatly shes so young and so small, that the ortho docs at my hospital won't touch her. So we were transferred by ambulance to Childrens Hospital Boston. We sat around in a room there for awhile, and they told me they were going to do more xrays to see if anything else was broken, and they would sedate her and try to get in place as best as they could, but she might need rods. I was soo upset, I felt soo bad for her!! She was such a trooper, such a big girl. So they gave her more morpheine and did the xrays. We were transferred to the procedure room and they gave her the medicine to put her to sleep. That was one of the hardest things I have been through as a parent. I wasnt allowed in the room while they were setting her arm, but thats ok because I probably wouldnt have been able to stand it. It was hard enough thinking about it, never mind seeing it. After about an hour she came to, but didnt really awaken, because it was around 3am. We were all soo tired. My dad came out to the hospital so I wouldnt be alone and we could have a ride home. We were discharged around 4am. So all in all we were at a hoapital from around 7pm till 4am. It was a very long night.

Peanut feeling a bit better thanks to her friend T3. Proudly showing off her daddy doll!!!
This is her bone with the cast on after they set it. Doesnt look too great but its straight. We will see how it looks soon!

To be continued.....

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