Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 3- The Ceremony

So today wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I did cry just a lil bit, but Monkey wasn't in a very good mood so I missed a bit of the speaches. I think she can sense something. She knows the mood around the house has changed, yet she doesn't understand why. There were a lot of little ones there today... I can only imagine what is going through their little heads. One day daddy or mommy is with them, the next and the next day they are not. They say babies are resilient, but I wonder. Monkey is very much a daddy's girl and there are many times when she wants him and him alone. She can spot him from across the house, pinpoint his voice from a crowded room. Since in utero she has known and loved her daddy. They would spend countless nights playing kick poke back and forth. It was amusing until her kicks felt more like body slams. I have so many beautiful pictures of hubby and the girls, not so much all three together, but def awesome ones of each separate. Sadly as I go through my photos, I don't have any good family photos of the four of us, only the three of us. Even worse, I don't have many pics of just the two of us, and those that I do have are old and not very good looking to say the least. Here's to hoping training goes well and he will get his 4 day pass and we can get some decent family pics done. Anyone know of a photographer looking for practice people? Anyway, today's entry is short, as I need to spend as much quality time with him for the next 7 hours that I can.

No confession today!

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