Saturday, October 10, 2009

I woke up this morning, and told myself today is a new day! Today I WILL be HAPPY! Didn't get to talk to hubs yesterday, but that's ok. Seriously, I am completely ok with that. Its better that way. It makes the calls I do get mean more... The day the mailman brings ME something postmarked from Iraq will be the day my jaw hits the floor. But... That's another rant, I am being HAPPY today remember?
We have some fun things planned this weekend, and I am very excited about this. Right now I am waiting for a very good friend to come out from her embryo transfer! I am soo nervous for her, but I have all the faith in the world that this will result in a baby, if not 2! I feel bad that she has to go through this without her husband (he's with Hubs) but its for the best. He's gonna be a daddy soon, and that's very exciting!! I am just glad I can be there for her. And if she has a rough pregnancy, I will be there too.

After this is over, the girls and I are heading out to the wild wild west, aka the other side of the state! Heading to spend the weekend with another army wife and her lil girl. We are doing some fall activites this afternoon, and tonite after the wee ones are off to dreamland, we will continue to watch Sex and the City. She was stunned that I had never watched it before. So shortly after the guys left, we started from season 1 and we will continue and end with the movie! Currently we are in the middle of season 3. Its very addicting, we will stay up til 1am just watching episode after episode. Sunday we will be heading down to RI for the night. She's attending a wedding and I will babysit the kiddos. Must think of some fun lil things to do with the 3 of them. Prob a walk, a movie, and have no clue what else. Monday we will come home and I have a Legion Aux meeting around 7 so that will be nice. Well I am gonna cut this short, nothing good to say right now. I WILL BE HAPPY TODAY!!!

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