Sunday, October 11, 2009

I talked to the love of my life today! My other half, my hubby :-) I am very excited about this. It was so good to hear his voice. Sometimes it feels like a tease, like a glimpse at something I can't have. But today was not like that. Today was wonderful. It was a happy call, and the quality was clear as day! We talked about his birthday gifts to Peanut. I can't wait to see them!! I won't discuss it now, but I will be sure to post pics when she sees them! I have officially decided my birthday is not happening this year. I will turn 22 like the calendar says, but there will be NO gifts, NO celebration. NOTHING! And those who do, will be forced to pay a price.
Tonight was interesting, still is. I am babysitting my friends 2 year old. Now that usually wouldn't be a problem, but I am alone in a small hotel room with nothing but goldfish, grapejuice and megablocks. With 3 kids under 5. YIKES! It was ok for the 1st cpl hours. Then the cabin fever set in. So I decided to take a drve around A. To kill time and B. To find some fast food place with an indoor play place. I found one after 20 min, thank you Garmin! So I let the two "older" ones play around as I fed monkey grapes, yogurt and some chicken. Peanut got stuck waay at the top, bc she was too scared to go down the slide!! The first time she went, she bumped her elbow, so she was afraid to do it again. Poor thing. I feltt so bad. Now I normally would have climb up to get her, but with monkey in my arms and another 2 year old running around, that just wasn't happening! Thankfully after about 20 min of her crying some nice guys asked their girls to try and help her down and they did. What a releif!

Well here I sit, another day has passed and we are all alive and well. 96 days down! Yay!! Only another 300 and something to go...

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